Hey, Kids! Get Moving!

November 3rd, 2011 | By admin No Comments

adapted with permission from Michelle Obama’s Let’s MOVE initiative

Here are some fun ways to get more playtime with your family and friends:

  • Ask your folks for toys like balls, kites, and jump ropes.
  • Join a sports team or try a new physical activity.
  • Help your parents map out a safe walk to and from school and ask them to walk with you once a week.
  • Take stairs instead of elevators.
  • Go outside and play or walk around the block a few times after supper.
  • Make a new house rule: no sitting still during television commercials!
  • Find time to spend together with a fun activity: family park day, swim day or bike day.
  • Challenge everyone in your family to see who can be the first to achieve a “Presidential Active Lifestyle Award” by committing to physical activity five days a week, for six weeks. Adults and children can both receive the award!
  • Talk to your principal or have your parents help you write a letter to the superintendent if you think there should be more p.e. at school.
  • Be sure you get the sleep you need so you feel good every day!

For more ideas about how to MOVE more and feel better, visit www.letsmove.org and www.presidentschallenge.org.

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