Flowing Wells Walks the Walk for Fitness in School

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in collaboration with Nick Clement and Janet Herman of the Flowing Wells School District

Nick Clement, superintendent of the Flowing Wells School District and member of the MOVE advisory council, wants every student to have the opportunity to have what he calls “The Three Ms” in school: Mind, Mood and Muscle.

When asked why he felt the ‘fitness in school’ attitude was important, Clement stated: “We have extensive research at our disposal that clearly indicates the close relationship between intellectual fitness and physical fitness.  One’s fitness, heart rate, academic performance and ability to focus grow new neurons. The higher the intensity of fitness you work toward, the better for your brain!”

He goes on to ask, “Knowing this, why shouldn’t we be doing that for our students, if we can?  We want to provide opportunities for physical fitness … in fact, every subject for the students can change for the better if we give them this opportunity.”

With this philosophy in mind, Flowing Wells School District built a fitness center in an old gym that had at one point been converted into a weight room. The fitness center is now open 6 a.m. to – 6 p.m. for students, faculty and staff to use.  Trainers manage the facility and are available for consultation.

The Flowing Wells School District also has a “Fit Fest” each Spring, during which the entire campus is open for students and parents … and whomever else wants to come! Trainers are available throughout the day, and Fit Fest activities include:

Tennis Lessons • Open Gym (3-On-3 tourneys) • Disc Golf • Sprint Course • Fun Run • Climbing Wall

The focus of Fit Fest is the family … coming together doing activities they may not otherwise do together. As an urban school, the leaders of Flowing Wells consider this a great opportunity to provide some healthy and fun time for their students, employees and community.

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