Angel Charity at Work in the Tucson Community

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High schools and colleges nationwide have instituted community service hours as part of their graduation requirements. Businesses – large and small – not only encourage but actually reward employees who volunteer as part of community service efforts. And non-profit management is one of the fastest-growing educational tracks in higher education.

There is no better exercise for your heart Than reaching down and helping to lift someone up. – Bernard Meltzer

Erin Vincent, executive director of Angel Charity here in Tucson, wants to see every person, every family, involved in community giving of some kind. “The more involved we are in service to and with our community, the healthier we are, financially, physically and emotionally.”

That’s why her Angel Charity recently donated a significant amount to Tucson YMCA foundation, earmarked specifically for developing facilities throughout the Greater Tucson area. Says Erin, “When the YMCA is healthy, our children and families are healthy. Since its founding in 1844, the YMCA has worked hard to help people around the world achieve ‘a healthy spirit, mind and body.’ That goal is in perfect sync with the goal of Angel Charity, and we were thrilled to be able to help them develop additional facilities for Greater Tucson families.”

Did you know that volunteering, altruism (exhibiting brotherly love), giving back or helping out makes you healthier? That’s right … doing good for others is linked to:

  • possible strengthening of the immune system
  • increase in overall happiness
  • stress relief
  • ‘helper’s high’ as well as long-term emotional well-being
  • release of the body’s natural pain fighters

So next time you and your family find yourself sitting around wondering what to do with an open Saturday afternoon … or how to spend a long weekend … or what to do with a financial windfall, consider how you can spend that time or money to benefit others. By doing so, you’ll reap the benefits yourselves!

Written in cooperation with Erin K. Vincent, Executive Director of Angel Charity

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