Gone Fishin’

November 3rd, 2011 | By admin No Comments

Recreational fishing is the most popular nature-based outdoor activity for Americans of all ages.  And in the Tucson area, we are fortunate to have not one but several beautiful lakes that offer anglers not only great fishing but, as many true fishers would say, great catchingas well!

  • Alamo Lakeoffers aggressive bass, nice lunkers, good power fishing, dropshotting, topwater fishing and more ….
  • Lake Pleasantstayed turned on for striped bass last year until the big winter storms hit in December … so who knows how much longer we’ll have this year?
  •  Bartlett Lakehas been steadily producing this fall, so this might be a winter standout fishery (time will tell!)
  • Saquarohas made a few fishers happy with its largemouth and yellow bass output
  • Canyon Lakecan be fickle this time of year.  You might land your personal best bass, or you might join the rank of those skunked … plan to be skunked and hope to be amazed!

In case you’re thinking you don’t have time to fish, or that the kids may not enjoy it as much as you do, think again!  Almost seven million anglers are aged six to 12.  And fishing is considered a ‘gateway’ activity … one that generates interest and eventual participation in other outdoor activities.   Many families cite barriers of time, other sports/activities, schoolwork, TV and video games.  Not unexpectedly, like participation in many outdoor activities, boys’ and girls’ participation in fishing falls through adolescence.   Participation by girls, however, falls significantly more than boys, down 44% as opposed to about 13% in 2009.

Perhaps most significant is this … research by The Outdoor Foundation shows the 90% of adult outdoor enthusiasts were introduced to nature-based activities between the ages of five and 18.

So the next time you’re looking for stress relief, a familial bonding experience, an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors – or all of the above! – find a pole and a few worms, make your way to one of our beautiful lakes, and join the millions who have made fishing the most popular nature-based outdoor activity for Americans of all ages.

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