First Tucson Cyclovia Draws 10,000

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Tucson’s first Cyclovia was held in 2010 with phenomenal results! Cyclovia (cy-cluh-VEE-uh) is a Spanish word that refers to the temporary closure of a network of streets to cars, which opens the streets to people who bike, walk, skate and participate in fun, free activities.

This year’s Tucson event – the first in our city – planners expected 2,000 people, blocking five miles of road for four hours in midday. More than 10,000 participated! Activities for kids of all ages were available along the route, including two skate parks and a BMX park.

Participants came on skateboards, roller blades, bicycles and their own two feet … wheeling and walking into businesses along the way, some of which pulled merchandise outdoors to accommodate the activity. One environmentally-friendly company even brought out solar ovens and served cookies, and an urban lounge was set up along the way as well.

Why have a Cyclovia in Tucson? According to Daniela Diamente, Director for Cyclovia Tuscon, “It’s time to activate our streets and get our community moving. This event gives every family an opportunity for adventure on Tucson’s roads without the presence of cars. It’s environmentally and individually safe and healthy.” What it isn’t is a race, parade or competition. It’s simply a chance to enjoy Tucson from a new perspective … outside of a car.

  1. The Cyclovia Planning Committee developed six goals to guide the development of the event:
  2. Enhance the brand and identity of Greater Tucson as a progressive urban community.
  3. Increase the health and activity of Greater Tucson area residents.
  4. Promote and increase awareness for cycling and walking as an acceptable and safe mode of travel on public streets.
  5. Increase neighborhood mobility, livability and access.
  6. Provide a unique and sociable fun experience for citizens.
  7. Provide a free public event, affordable for all.

Visit and watch Tucson MOVE for more information about the 2011 event, already scheduled for Sunday, March 27, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. The route will change annually so participants can venture into new neighborhoods each year. Be sure you and your family take part, enjoying the weather, visiting neighbors, meeting new people and getting some fun-filled exercise!

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