Top 10 Ways To Move With Your Pet!

November 3rd, 2011 | By admin No Comments

There’s more to your pet’s life than just a walk in the park!

  1. Set up an obstacle course
    Set up a homemade tunnel, balance beam, bar jumps, poles and platform in your local playground and watch the kids (and other pets) come running to join in your fun.
  2. Head to the swimmin’ hole
    Any local pond, lake or back yard pool (with permission!) can be a paddling paradise for your pooch.
  3. Take your pet on a four-legged hiking adventure
    Forget the sidewalk … head out to the hills! Your pet will love the new scents, sights and sounds, and Tucson is loaded with outdoor hiking trails!
  4. Form a K-9 drill team
    March, dance, work with or without props and music … the energy that goes into training your pet will give you a good workout, too!
  5. Share the love
    Pets help people heal. So take your pet (with permission) to the local hospital or nursing care facility. Better yet, enroll your pet in an animal assisted therapy program so you can both receive formal training for this very special activity.
  6. Play games
    Fetch is fun, but surely you can be more creative than that! How about Hide-n-Seek, Find the Bone, Follow the Leader? Or Toss the Yarn Ball, Feather-on-a-Stick, Mouse-on-a-String? Or unnamed games that keep you both moving … running in circles, leaping together, dancing? You might look silly, but you’ll both have fun and get some good exercise.
  7. Go to school
    Obedience school, that is. Even if your pet doesn’t have behavioral problems, obedience school provides an active, healthy way to learn how to communicate more effectively with each other.
  8. Play with UFOs
    You might call them flying discs or Frisbees, but your dog thinks of them as Uncommonly Fun Objects (UFOs). Whether you want to play casually or competitively, you will both get a great workout and have enormous fun together!
  9. Open a paper bag
    What pet – cat, dog, hamster, ferret (we draw the line at fish and birds) – doesn’t love the crinkling coziness of a paper bag. Just open it on the floor and watch the fun!
  10. Run, Spot, Run
    When was the last time you went to an open area – fenced-in back yard, meadow, desert, wherever! – and ran, really ran, with your pet. It’s invigorating! It’s fun! It’s healthy! And yes, it’s exhausting! Follow up this exercise by sharing your pet’s absolutely favorite activity … take a nap.

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